The story of America can be told through the story of the Morgan Horse. Since 1789 it has been the horse that shaped America, that carried us through battle, established our new frontiers, and ploughed the land we live on today.

Over the past 200 years, no other breed of horse has contributed as much to the founding of our country and to the success of our land. The Morgan transported supplies for settlers, carried pioneers out west, established homesteads in the east, carried soldiers and battle equipment in the south, and proved itself ever more indispensable as the country grew.

Still revered today for that pioneering spirit and dependability, the Morgan Horse remains an integral part of American life. Today our Morgans are a family pet, a therapeutic riding mount, a champion show horse, a sport horse, a rugged farming horse, or a trail horse. Versatile and loving, hard-working and dependable…

The Morgan Horse is the horse that helped build America.

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