For Educators

To learn about the Morgan Horse is to learn about America

If we don’t pass on the love of this great nation and the horses we cherish to the next generation, neither will be preserved for the future.

The Morgan Horse Pavilion is being built to establish that love of this nation as well as the horses that helped build America.

The pavilion’s mission is to educate and inform, to tell the tale of the Morgan Horse and to follow its path through America’s history.

One of the main focuses of the Morgan Horse Pavilion will be the opportunity for community school programs, as well as youth from all over the country, to learn through hands-on exhibits, multimedia presentations, and educational sessions tailored for individual age groups.

In addition, the second level of the pavilion will feature an extensive library, with photographs, information, artifacts, and background on the Morgan Horse and its passage through America’s history books.

Preserve a piece of America. Encourage future generations. Contribute to the Morgan Horse Pavilion and ensure the continued support and promotion of America’s first breed.