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The American Morgan Horse: Fifty States. One horse.

Every state in the union has played a significant role in the development of our nation. As you look back at each state’s story you will see a Morgan horse helping to drive the growth and prosperity we enjoy today.

You now have the opportunity to celebrate the state you love as we reflect on its history and the horse that served it.

You recognize in yourself the purposeful nature of the Morgan horse. You, too, are reliable, versatile, tireless, and loyal. And you want to become an integral element in the legacy of this rich and noble breed, a permanent piece of Morgan history.

The Morgan Horse Pavilion at the Kentucky Horse Park could be your chance. Your chance to make the difference, to honor and promote an indisputable -- and irreplaceable -- part of American history, and to immortalize your state’s historic connection to the horse that helped build America.

As a visionary sponsor, you have the opportunity to be the catalyst for national and worldwide recognition of your state as a key player in the history of the Morgan horse, and therefore in the history of this great nation.

We are offering you the opportunity to align yourself with the horse that celebrates America, the horse that is as American as you are.

Preserve a piece of America. Enhance your connection. Make a contribution to the Morgan Horse Pavilion and ensure the continued support and promotion of America’s first breed.